The Effective Way to Avoid Negative Impacts of Internet is Parents’ Guidance By Cyntia Puspita

One of the famous issues in Indonesia is the impacts of internet usage. Currently, internet bring negative impacts for children and teenagers, and many people believe that it is very important to find a best way to avoid negative impacts of internet to them. Although some people feel that there is no way can be a best way to avoid negative impacts of internet, I believe that parents’ guidance is ones of best solution that strongly able to avoid negative impacts of internet.

Opponents claim that it is not necessary to control children and teenagers when they want to use the internet for their sake such as find the answer for their homework and find more information about the lesson in the school. However, this argument ignores about the fact that there are many children and teenagers who abuse the internet usage for examples; pornography, violence, cyber-bullying, and etc. Based on the findings, more than half of children (52%) say that they have come across pornographic content through advertisements or non-suspicious links. Guidance from parents is important given to them in order avoid this abuse. (source:

Opponents also maintain that the internet can make children and teenagers more relax after their study in the school such as playing game online. This argument once again did not think about the consequence. The consequence is more they play, more they addicted to internet. Internet addiction bring negative impacts to them such as they will think about using the internet all day. It makes them be lazy to study. That’s why parents’ guidance is needed for this situation because they can give limitation of internet usage.

The final argument by opponents that children and teenagers can use the internet with free. It means, in this case they can open many website in the internet. Over and over again, this argument is inconclusive. How can they are free to open many website without thinking about the good or bad value in the website. Parents’ guidance can help them to choose which one that contains good value and useful for them.

It should be evident that the best solution to keep children safe from the dangers of the internet is parents’ guidance. Parents’ guidance can guide them avoid the abuse of the internet. Next, limitation of internet usage only given by childrens’ parents. Last, children will easily obbey the command from their parents to not open random websites. Finally, a best solution founded. Therefore, in my opinion, parents’ guidance is effective way to avoid negative impacts of the internet for children and teenagers.