Recount Essay

My First Trip with My Cousins


About two weeks ago, my cousins and I had holiday in Bali. We went on a trip at Peninsula Island Nusa Dua, Bali. We rode motorcycle early in the morning. The journey there took more than 45 minutes from our hotel. I thought It was not far from our hotel where we stayed. We through Bali Mandara Tollroad in order arrived there. It was my third time to visited Bali. But, it was their first trip in Bali. Actually, I went holiday there because I accompanied them. We could say that I was be a guide for them. I managed everything for them as long as we were in Bali.

We were excited with this trip. We brought drinks in this place. When arriving there we we’re stunned by the scenic view of beautiful beach. The beautiful scenery impressed us and the sound of the beach made us felt like we were in paradise. Peninsula Island was famous for its beautiful beach and recreation park among local visitors neither tourists.

We did many things there. We swam at the beach, took a walk at the park, took pictures together, and many more. As we took selfie around the beach, suddenly the wave came to us and made our clothes were half wet. Actually we didn’t bring another clothes, we were confused what could we do next. When we took a walk around the park, we were surprised there was a clothes store. Then we bought new clothes for us. It was funny to see my cousins’ clothes wet because of the wave.

After a few minutes, we had lunch in the restaurant near the beach. It was so wonderful when we enjoyed our meal while saw the beautiful scenery around the restaurant. We rested for a while after lunch. We drunk fresh coconuts there enjoyed the scenery. It was really calm and peace. Before we went home, we took a walk the park in other side. We visited beach club where there are many tourist wore bikinis. Then, we asked to took pictures with them. We liked took pictures with foreigners. We went home in the evening. We felt really sad leaving the Peninsula Island, Nusa Dua Bali. While in the motorcycle, we talked each other and agreed to come again there next year. My cousins said that the Peninsula Island was the favorite place for them Although it was tiring, it was wonderful and fun trip for us.


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