An Argumentative Essay

                                      YOUNG MARRIAGE FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS


          The young marriage issue has always been one of the most important issues of the college students life neither society. Years ago there were many people married when they were in young age like after graduated from junior high school or senior high school. They said that it was common condition. But, nowadays the situation has quite changed. Some people has married after they graduated from their college or after they got a job. In other side, most people who are under 21 years old nowadays married while their status still as active college students. Ordinarily, a college student is not ready confront some problem may appear from his/her young marriage. Nevertheless if it especially goes about society start talking about the young marriage for such college students. A college student is not mentally capable of comprehending the problem he or she commits for both college life and marriage life. The opinion that young marriage may make some problem for the college student and therefore may give bad conflicts for his/her marriage life. In this case the young marriage is the cause of unsuccessful college life and the main complication of marriage life.

          Most college students think that young marriage doesn’t make some problem for the college life because his/her couple will support their study and have a happy life together. There are some reason why I refute the statement said that young marriage doesn’t make some problem for college students. About marriage while college students, according Blood (1969) have different problems from the common marriage problems. There are some things may complicate in college life. First, the problem of sharing character. For example, a woman as a wife. A college student was a wife will confront her works as a wife. But, they must responsible too for their character as a student, such as present in her college time, do her assignments, follow her exam, and etc. Second, the problem of finance. Next, the problem of self development and directness of her education. That’s all argued that young marriage really may make some problem for college students.

          Some people said that when we have marriage while college student can make your study be successful because by having motivator from a beloved person, it makes you have motivation to get high accomplishment. I disagree about the statement said that young marriage may be a good factor to get successful college life. According Jean McManus, as a psychologist, says that college marriage often results in restriction of college experiences, participation in college functions and of relationships of college friends. Whether you have great grades or average grades, with a spouse waiting for you at home it is going to become very difficult to get to class, let alone social engagements. The distractions that marriage brings are endless and normal. also finds that marriage affects academics. There is often a drop in grades due to added responsibilities. Even most of married students give up on their college life. The man choose to find a job and the woman choose be a house wife. That’s why young marriage while college student may make your college life be unsuccessful, and you may lose your college life.

          There is a young couple who has married for 1 year. They said that they have a happy marriage because they can understand each other, and they said that they are sure there is no problem of their marriage for the future time later. Maybe it’s okay because it’s just for 1 year. We don’t know about the future, right? I think you will be surprise when you will confront so many problem of your marriage for the future. There are few thing you must know that young marriage while college student may give some conflict and be the main complication of marriage life. Most, those who perform early marriage, caused by social problems and economic problems in the family. Poverty is one of the major factors under-pinning early marriage. Where poverty is acute, a young girl may be regarded as an economic burden and her marriage to a much older. the negative side of early marriage: From the medical point of view, early marriage has a negative impact for both the mother and the child is born. According to the sociologist, viewed from the social side, early marriage can reduce the harmonization of the family. This is caused by emotions that are still unstable, turbulent blood of young and immature way of thinking. Because of this condition the marriage life may end no longer time, And finally this condition be a factor of divorce. Looking at various aspects of early marriage does have many negative impacts.

          Is young marriage while college student be an exact choice after all? This was the main question for college students who complicated about do marriage while college or after college. It is obvious that this case certain many issues, as the case was about the young marriage of college students. When you choose to do marriage while college student, you may confront few things. First, your marriage will give some problem to your college life because you must manage your character as a wife neither a college student. Second, young marriage while college student can be the main cause of unsuccessful college life. You will give up on your college and prefer to be a housewife. Last, it may be the main complication of your marriage life. It’s be a factor of separation with your couple and no longer marriage life. To conclude, I just wanna notice that you must want a marriage for the first and the last time. So, you must think carefully when you want to do marriage while your college time, think about the impact and then take a wise decision which never make you regret for your future. “Just enjoy your college life and make your dream come true by high education achievement


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