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Truth in Blogging

writing mask smSometimes, I feel like a fraud, like one of the shiny, happy people who populate the Internet with grievously sparkly accounts of their perfect lives. (Those people make me crazy.) I hope I do not actually do that, but sometimes I feel like certain omissions in what I share make me less authentic, even slightly dishonest.

This is mostly ridiculous, of course.

The world of digital publishing – blogging and social media in particular – puts writers in a strange new land. I sometimes feel like we’ve been pulled out of our cozy writing caves and plunked down on a stage in front of an audience we cannot see beyond the bright footlights. Dazed and blinded, we take out our notebooks and laptops and start, tentatively, to scribble and tap; but the experience is different in front of a live audience. Before, there was only the work…

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A True Love

Telah lama hati ini menunggumu

Namun kau tak pernah hadir di hadapanku

Seringkali ku mencoba menghapus rindu

Namun rindu selalu hadir di benakku

Kasih, Ku ingin kau tahu

Bahwa selama ini aku tlah haus merindukanmu

Segala kenangan yang tlah kita lalui bersama

Sungguh nyata dan hidup didalam ingatanku

Kasih, Jikalau masih ada waktu tersisa

Biarkan lah diriku dan dirimu

Menciptakan kenangan baru

Kan menjadi suatu ingatan yang indah

Mesti ku tahu tak selamanya kita bisa terus bersama

Kasih, Biarlah dirimu menjadi suatu memori indah

Yang pernah ada dalam hidupku

Yang melukiskan senyum dan tawa di hidupku

Yang pernah beri ku suatu kebahagiaan

Dan ingin ku sampaikan ini kepadamu

Bahwa saat aku mencintaimu

TUHAN menyampaikan cintanya kepadamu

Dan kamu mencintaiku,

TUHAN menyampaikan cintanya kepadaku

TUHAN lah yang menumbuhkan cinta di hati hamba-hambanya

TUHAN lah yang mampu mempersatukan dua insan

melewati suatu ikatan suci pernikahan

Dan ingin ku sampaikan kepadamu

Jika benar saat ini,

kita telah terpisah karena suatu alasan

Mungkin kelak di masa mendatang kita berjodoh

sebab Tuhan lah yang akan mempersatukan kita kembali

segalanya didunia ini adalah milik ALLAH

Aku miliknya

Dan kamu miliknya

Dan hanya dengan ridho nya lah kita bisa dipersatukan kembali


Rain and Memories

Sekilas ku melihat awan mendung

Tak lama tetesan air berjatuhan

Suatu anugerah yang dihadirkan Tuhan

Hujan yang menenangkan

Terpikir dibenakku akan arti hujan

Saat ku bersama hujan

yang ku rasakan,

suatu ketenangan

suatu kedamaian


hujan tlah membawa ku,

 kepada kesendirian,




membawa ku teringat akan kenangan

Hujan datang, dan kemudian pergi

tanpa tahu kapan kan datang

dan kembali lagi,

Sama halnya dengan kenangan,

suatu kenangan kan diingat maupun teringat,

kemudian terlupakan,

namun tak pernah hilang,

akan selalu datang, kemudian pergi

dan datang kembali

Writing Realities

i like it

Live to Write - Write to Live

I don’t know about you, but I still have a lot of fear about putting my writing out in the world.

I’m working on it, and I do put some of my writing out there, but there’s a lot of writing that I haven’t done, or haven’t shown anyone, because of my fears.

In the fall, my son will be starting school and I’ll have more time to write. So I feel a pressure to “deal with” these fears before then.

Let’s just say it’s been on my mind.

Recently, I had a conversation with a good friend of mine and I told her about the Student Showcase I performed in at ImprovBoston, in Cambridge, MA. I was talking about doing the show and all the public speaking I’d been doing and how it was scary, but putting my writing out in the world seemed scarier to me.


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Example for certificate title land letter . i write it by my self


44, St. Flourine, Near Moslem Mosque,

Beside Post Office, Los Angeles.

Mobile : 9421681425

                                                                                                                                    June 4, 2015


            From :

            Adv. Gilbert Industry

            Los Angeles.

            To :

            Miss Cyntia Darleen

            The Head Of Youth Organization,

            International Council for Children Education,

            Los Angeles-462002

            Sub : – Land Title Certificate.

            On the request of the CEO Gilbert Industry, Adam Gilbert, for Miss Cyntia Darleen as the Head of Youth Organization. I have personally examined the various land Documents/Records pertaining to the following land.

  1. Address :            St. Lewis No.22, Los Angeles
  1. Location :            St. Lewis No.22, Los Angeles
  1. Area/Measurement  : Land  :  15 Acres

                                           Building :  13128 Sq. mts

                                           Servey No. 304-1 A/1/2 Occ. Class – I

            After careful examination of the documents and satisfying myself, I certify that the above mentioned land & building is in the name of Miss Cyntia Darleen, Head of Youth Organization, at Los Angeles.

            Futher, it is clarified that there are no restrictions for construction of buildings to be used for Children Education.

                                                                                                            Adv. Gilbert Industry

                                                                                                               Los Angeles