Descriptive Essay

The Peninsula Island is My Favorite Place


There are many places that come to mind when I think of places I like to go in Bali. Because there are many good places, it is hard to choose which one is my favorite place. However, I chose go to Peninsula Island because it is a beautiful place to visit, exercise, and relaxed.

The Peninsula Island has many beautiful things to see. Firstly, there are a lot of beach. In this island, there are difference view of beach when you go to west, east, north, and south of the island . Secondly, the visitors especially foreigners take a walk around the park in this island. They see beautiful scenes of this island. Thirdly, the background of the peninsula island add to the peaceful and coolness feeling.

The Peninsula Island offers many ways to exercise. First, this place offers visitors to ride the bicycle around the island. It can make visitors take a relax by doing this sport. Second, this place offers some watersport too for visitors such as body surfing, diving, jet skiing, and etc. visitors usually pay to do that watersport. Third, the open fields of the park in this island is good for activity like have lunch together with family. For example, the family bring their cooking to this place in order can eat lunch together while see the beautiful scene.

The Peninsula Island is a place to relaxed and have fun. First, being around nature is healthy for the mind. It means the beautiful scenes of this island is very good for the mind. Second, exercising is good for relieving stress. Activities in this place make visitors fade their stress and make them relax without think everything on their mind. Last, in this place family can go to the beach or the park to laugh and play together. It makes good memories when family feel happy visited this place

When it comes to finding a best place to have holiday in Bali, to be around nature, and to do healthy things, I can’t think of a wonderful place to go to than the Peninsula Island. In my opinion, the best things in life are free, enjoy, have fun and the places of this island can help you experience these things. That’s why I choose it’s my favorite place.


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