-Write a paragraph with supporting details and concluding sentences- Notes : i don’t know this is correct or not.


Learning to write is important for us. Because writing is important, people learn it quickly. They learn writing quickly because it is easy. Write is the medium of learning. Writing will encourage and require us to absorb, dig and collect as much as possible news to sustain the theme to be written, either theoretical or information in the form of facts that occurred. Although a part of people think writing is dull, life is not artful and only owned by people who like to be alone. Most people do not agree that learn to writing is dull. This is a false assumption and very wrong at all. Only those of the lazy and ignorant people, who argue stupid like that. Learning to write gives us many benefit for our life. Of course, we know that writing can help us to get money . One of jobs is writer, they are rich be famous writer. Because writing is interesting, they love it so much, but it takes them several years to master writing. For them, Writing is fun thing, so they enjoy it. Before people become a famous writer, they must learn many things and exercise to write creative like a writer. When people are lazy to write, they cannot finish their creation and get bad result. According to the fact, Writing is not just to get money or a medium for ideas and ideas. Writing is also able to improve health, strengthen physical strength, and mental. Not only that, we can prevent dementia by writing. In short, writing has many good benefit to everyone, that’s why writing be an important thing to our life.


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